Ebay Selling Services
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Location: Eugene, Oregon
Abstract: We provide Ebay Selling Services to Eugene and Springfield Oregon individuals and business.


Ebay Selling Services

Just a few items to sell?


Our Ebay Consultant provides Ebay Selling Services to local Eugene/Springfield Residents, Businesses and Groups.
We sell one or a few items, to overstock items, or just to move products for customers.  We have been selling online and on Ebay since 2002. We have an excellent Feedback score (100%) and take excellent care of our customers.  We provide awesome services for a low price.
Appointment only: Consultation is free of charge within Eugene/Springfield City Limits. Appointments are made at Items location. All Items are documented at the items location and kept in a safe place until sale is made.
Ebay Auction Listing: $14.95/ per item under 5 items. This includes the auction listing fee for all non-motorized and real estate items. - includes photo shoot, description, price checking, listing and monitoring on Ebay during selling process.
Multiple Item Listing: $10/hr. + $4.99/ea. for listing fees  - includes photo shoot, description, price checking, listing and monitoring on Ebay during selling process.
IDOAUCTION Ebay Store Inventory: $2.95/mo roll over + $4.95/per item.
Ebay Store Set Up and Management
$650 initial down, $10 hour rate for overage.  $225/mo + Ebay Subscription and fees associated with conducting business. (Business License with Oregon State, Product Cost, Stationary etc)
This includes:
On-Site Visit
Set Up Business Paypal Account, Ebay Account, Email Account
Set up Product Pick Up Schedule (during business hours, key to storage unit)
Sku and Inventory list creation (kudo's if you already have one)
Create Excel Workbook for inventory and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Photo, Description, Dimensions, Weight and Weight Boxed Data (awesome if you have pro photos of products)
Storyboard for Business Logo, Categories, Product Tiers, Template of Site
Sign off from owner on storyboard
Build Ebay Store according to storyboard
Set up custom invoice and features to market store
Set up customer relationship database using Maximizer
Open Store and Make Sales
Process Paperwork for each sale
Receive and Process Funds
Schedule a Pick Up and Ship out package
Mail copy of sale paperwork to Store Owner for their records
Process RMA's, Refund, Exchange, Deal with Chargebacks etc...
Cut Profit check with statement of transactions at end of month.
If you have more than 5,000 items you may consider a Retail Management System, such as this site.we can manage for you or train you to use. It is made to handle a large volume of products and provides everything, including the MARKETING so you will be found easily by your clients and more than what an ebay store offers. Contact us for more information.
Fees and Subscriptions
Ebay Fees are in addition to IDOAUCTION FEES.
Paypal Transaction Fees are in addition to IDOAUCTION FEES.
Subscriptions: are based on your needs for an ebay store.
Commission Break Down:
$1-$1000 = 20%
$1000-$4999 = 15%
$5000-$9,999.99 = 10%
$10,000 + = 5%
Real Estate/Property + 3%

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