Real Estate Properties Item Selling Assistant: Do you own several properties and have lots of items to sell?
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Posted by: idowebster, on 9/22/2009, in category "Selling Services"
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Location: Eugene, Springfield, Veneta, Creswell, Goshen, Oregon, Oregon
Abstract: Are you a Property Owner that is in deparate need to get rid of items and make a profit? We provide Eugene, Springfield Real Estate Professionals this type of services.

Perfect Selling Service for Busy Property Owners

We provide the perfect service for busy property owners that have several containers, storage units and etc filled to the brim with left over items from vacanted rentals and/or leases.

We provide inventory tracking, meaning we inventory each item, with photo, description and title on a spreadsheet. From there we can tell what is goodwill, online sale, local sale, auction ready or store inventory ready.

We usually work by the hour while on location, which is $15/hr per person, in most cases there are just two of us for full storage unit or warehouse inventoring. Depending on the job, we want to get through the sifting, sorting and inventory process as soon as possible. As we sift and sort, we organize the items for easy access for shipping processing later.

Once completed with the inital spreadsheet, we than will locate the going sales price and list it accordingly to make the sale. From this point forward there is no hourly fee. There is a $5 listing fee per item, and a $1 roll over fee if the item does not sell in a given month.

After making the sale, we process the funds, let them clear the bank and then we will ship the item. For these types of multple item sales, we process profit checks on the 30th of each month.

Additional charges that apply are all online listing, end of sale and transaction fees. If listed on IDOAUCTION.COM, there is no additional fees with except to transaction fees and 10% on final sale cost. If it is sold in ebay, commission prices vary.



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