IDOAUCTION and EBAY Selling Service Facts
  • Can I bring my stuff to you? No. Our location is not set up to accept items for processing purposes. Instead, we require our customer's to set a convenient appointment for us to meet up with you at your item(s) location. When making the appointment, we will discuss the services needed and upon arrival will start work immediately.

  • I own a business and want to put my items online, however I do not have the time for the extra work. Can you help? Absolutely, we can help. We can actually do everything for you. All we require is access to the products during normal business hours and a mailing address to send you your profit check each month.

  • I want to sell online, but don't know where to start, what can you do to help me? Everything. We can set up everything and train you how to manage your own store and run it. Request an appointment today, just scroll to the bottom of this page and email us. Just make sure to tell us how to contact you and a brief description of what you wish to sell and what is the best days and times for us to meet up.

  • I want to sell on eBay. Do you set up eBay stores specifically? Can you train me to run my store myself? Absolutely, just contact us to set up an appointment to meet.

  • Why do you charge to come out to my house/office, when that is your own policy? Our experts have spent and continue spending time and money on their education and constant training and learning how the best practices of selling items online. This knowledge will benefit you with the sale of the item and money in your pocket. While at your location, they will consult with you regarding the services and /or products that you have requested. In most cases, they will be rendering services to you and will charge of their time.

  • Can I drop off my item at your store for you to take the picture? No, we are not set up to provide this service at our location.

  • You prohibit the sale of any electronic items on this site by an individual seller, why? To assist the City of Eugene's Property Theft Department.  Electronic items are a high theft item and our storefront has frequent run in's with non kosher people trying to sell these items to us. In order to help victims of theft, and to prevent us from being a part of a fraudulent sale. We have chosen not to sell any computer related item or digital related item from the general public. All listings seen on this site and our eBay store are products that The Web Zone or IDOAUCTION purchased from it's business vendors.

  • Will you sell my laptop on No. We will not sell any electronics from individuals online.

  • What is the timeframe for my item to sell? That soley depends on the right buyer seeing, wanting and buying your item.

  • I have a web site. It is already set up to do e-commerce, but I am not making any sales! I have tried everything and I am going broke with the sponsor links, link exchanges and ppc's. Can you help? Yes. We are very experienced with SEO and Application Engineering. We can fix the traffic issue, by moving the site to our secure and optimized IDO network + fix the infrastructure of the site that is currently non search engine friendly. We provide traffic reports in real time, upload your products to shopping search engines and much more. The cost? We need to evaluate your site and see how many hours it will take to convert it over. The best thing to do is contact Monica at The Web Zone. 541-689-3245. She is the Ace at Web Marketing Foundations and infrastructure clean up.

  • When do you set appointments? It's hard for me during the work week. We schedule appointments 7 days a week. Give us a call.

  • Do you only sell Brand New Items? My Garage is full of stuff that is worth money. No, but the items that we do sell must be in good working condition and ready to go to the new owner. We charge a $15 - $30/hr. processing service...this means we go through everything that you have, take photos, descriptions, price checking, skus, boxes, organize and put it into a spreadsheet for you and us to upload into our Stores. We calculate the fees, to which you would pay before we upload to eBay. IDOAuction Listings are .50 per item. Once it sells, we'll stop by and ship it to the buyer. When all is well with the sale, we will cut you a profit check. For each month that the item in the store does not sell, we can pull it or you can purchase another month for it to be listed. Our store month roll overs are .50 per item.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or just email us below. Make sure to include your contact information and the best time to reach you.

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